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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Posh Cosmetic Brush & Accessories Make-Up Set

In mid December, I placed an order on with Posh Brushes,(it came before the end of the month, like it said it would).I bought this set. I could have sworn that when I purchased it, it was only $89.99, but now it says $119.99 (maybe it got more popular? I heard about posh brushes online and saw (and felt) some brushes that were at Long's Drugs. They seemed to be very good quality and they were very soft!) Luckily I used a "50% off" code that I found online and that made me want to buy the set even more.

The website desribes the set as: "The Posh brush and accessory kit represents the best of the best… 16 make-up brushes, a brush wrap, a brush caddy, 44 assorted foam wedges, sponges and cosmetic applicators, a duo pencil sharpener, gel face mask, a bonus Plump'Up Lip gloss and FREE shipping in the USA!"

Here are the sponges and and wedges

Look how huge the sponges gets!

The brushes that came in the set (L-R finishing powder, angle blush, eye trio, dome eye shadow, crease, crease, angle smudge, conceal, round smudge, and top-2 kabukis)

With their little cases

The mini travel set

The eye mask. It feels so cool and nice on my eyes.

Plumping lip gloss in "Burgundy". Gives a nice tingling feeling, but not sure if it really does the job of plumping.

Swatch of Burgundy

Very sheer, hint of color and nice shine.


Jnie said...

wow, those are a whole lot of sponges. posh brushes are so very soft. Great haul, enjoy

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing your great haul. I love sponges and wedges.

I find that a great set of brushes makes a world of difference in makeup application.

I use this set: http://www.salonhive.com/23-pc-black-handle-makeup-brush-set-w-pouch-ts-202.html

They are so soft and there is literally a brush for everything. I also like how the pouch keeps everything clean and organized.