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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Pretty Pink Box

No, I didn't get one, though I wanted to! Have you heard of it?

myprettypinkbox.com says, "My Pretty Pink Box is the perfect place to try sample-sized girly products! Enjoy samples, products, and special discounts from our awesome retailers and e-tailers! Each box contains handpicked beauty items from both up & coming and well known brands."

I got my notification email saying that it would go on sale at 7am Tuesday. I had my alarm set and everything, but last minute, I decided to switch off my alarm because, well, I didn't need it. That is probably the only time you will hear those words come out of my mouth. Haha. But seriously, I am putting myself in a "no buy" again. I even wanna sell stuff that I have just so that I don't feel guilty for what I have been spending on makeup. I will continue to swap on Makeup Alley, but that's pretty much paying for postage.

Back on to My Pretty Pink Box, I remember seeing that November's boxes sold out in 2 hours! (they pretty much have one every month) and I read that December's box sold out in...20 MINUTES! OMG I would be seriously pissed if I woke up that early and wasn't able to purchase it. Turns out, people wake up REALLLY early to buy these boxes! I also read online that 70% of the orders were multiple orders (you can orders up to 3 on one credit card, I believe).

I would like to try these one day, but not now. I notice that I am always excited to get samples (from stores, magazines, swaps) but I NEVER use it! I think I collect them because they're so cute in their little packaging! What a waste, huh? Haha.

But check out their website. What is in the box changes all the time and it sounds like a great way to try out new products (and get some full sized also!) with a very small fraction of the price!

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Tina Marie Online said...

You should definitely get one though! I got one in October and I notice that all the other pink boxes that are coming out each month get better & better. I really wanted November & December's but ehhh, maybe some other time. hehe

Oh by the way, yes I did use the CS palette to create the look. [: