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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's in my bag?

So I just got back from a short pre-spring break vacation (yes, my spring is just now, this week) and my purse is filled with junk. After a friend commented on all the junk I had, I decided to show everyone what's in my bag.

So this is my zebra print, no name brand purse. I love it, it's big (that's what she said) and it does it's purpose!

A book I have to read, documents for doing my taxes, post office stickers, bunch of random receipts, and a vip card for Monterey shops.

Two bare mineral blushes, MAC Heatherette compact, Avon tweezer, MAC pigment in Pink Pearl (just bought it), Covergirl wetslicks lipgloss (dupe of Benefit's california Kisssin' i believe!), burt's bees, CO Bigalow mentha lip tint in Magenta Mint, China Glaze nail polish in Turned up Turquoise, NYC glitter polish in 105A, thread, Sephora mirror, my new glasses, 2 L'Oreal hip jelly balms (just bought them), and my cloth for my glasses. PHEW!

My coach wristlet, a candle from my Bday pazookie at BJ's, a pen i took from SB, some coins, my keys, tissue, bottle caps, pinkberry napkin, new nail detail brush, gym pass and school id

Now what is in that wristlet of mine? My MAC heatherette lipglass, chopstick helpers ( dont need them but my friend gave it to me), credit cards (yes, hello kitty =)), rewards cards, gift card, and a sh*tload of receipts!

A big fat mess? Yes, of course! Hope you enjoyed having a little peek into my business! Haha


Jnie said...

Oooh..new layout :)
I love looking through people's purses. Lol.. I have tons of junk in my purse too.

christy said...

where did you get the hello kitty credit card??? are you still gonna order from elf? cuz i want stuff too!

Anna said...

christy: hello kitty is from BOA. n elf yes i wanna get stuff but i need a job!

christy said...

haha you wrap your lip balm in tape? doesn't that make it hella hard to open once you wanna use it? you have super random stuff in your bag lol

mann wells fargo doesnt have cute credit cards like that! :(

Anna said...

christy: oh the things in tape are bare minerals blushes. i usually wrap loose makeup in tape (like pigments or whatever) because i've had them open.

Lynn said...

Be careful with that photo of your tax docs. Make sure it's not showing any vital info. because of the whole identity theft thing and all...

My best, Lynn