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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, he beginning of Lent. I will be giving up buying makeup or any other beauty products. Along with that, I will also give up eating chocolate candy. I am not sure what else I will be adding to that, but I'll probably add that to here. During these tough times, hopefully I will realize that I don't need to buy everything I see, and maybe go even longer without these things. It'll also give me time to use what I have and make use of it.

On Friday, my friends and I gathered makeup that we haven't used in a while and swapped with each other. A good way of getting products without spending. =)


Anonymous said...

omg i can't do that, im just ending my no buy! haha actually im still thinking of something to give up..i probably should give up buying beauty things but then i'll have nothing to blog about!

i was thinkin bout giving up youtube and maybe giving up reading beauty blogs...cuz i spend hella time doin that instead of being productive haha

christy said...

since lent is over....let's go shopping!!