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Monday, January 12, 2009

Dazzleglass Dupe?

Hi hi! Here are some pictures and swatches of Sally Hansen's Lipnotic Gem Gloss. I got this with a Buy one, get one free deal at Long's, a couple months ago. I remember seeing them, and thinking, this looks like MAC's Dazzleglass! (late to find out that others have already reviewed this and compared it to Dazzleglasses!) So I grabbed two of them, about $6 each, so it came out to $6 for both. AWESOME if you ask me. I like the glitter in the lip gloss. At different angles of light, you can see little specks of color. I love it. As you can see, my "Rich" shade is the one being used at the moment. I love it. I love the shine and sparkle of these lip glosses. Oh, and also the smell! It's not a strong smell, but it's like a hint of watermelon. =)

Bejeweled: It's almost just a clear gloss on my lips with a lot of sparkle
Rich: Has a slight tint and adds just a touch of color. Oh, and also, sparkle, sparkle!

The Gem Glosses:

I was in Walgreens the other day and didn't see these products by Sally Hansen. Not sure if they don't just carry the product, but they did have other sparkly lip glosses in different packaging. I wanted to buy some because it was BOGO , but I decided to pass. I ended up getting two nail polishes. Woo hooo!


Jnie said...

thats an awesome find. I'm not a fan of glosses so I'm not that familiar with the dazzleglasses, but those do look pretty close. But I do love glosses that smell yummy.;P

christy said...


Anonymous said...

what did you get at daiso?