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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coastal Scents Gel Liners

Have you seen them!? I've seen a couple swatches on youtube and beauty blogs and I am IN LOVE! They are $6.95 each and I don't know if I should spend that on it. It's funny. I have no problem paying for MAC, but I'm hecka cheap when it comes to drugstore products. I always go for the "buy one, get one free" or "buy one, get one half off". I don't know what I would define coastal scents as, in between maybe?

** okay i just did research online.
Coastal Scents describes their gel liners as: "If compared to HIP gels these are a several steps above in quality, they compare to MAC..."
-As far as the weigh goes, I've noticed that MAC fluidline is creamier than HIP cream liners, so maybe this can be a good thing?

I've also noticed that Coastal Scents now has empty pans that are "same size as MAC" and that they have empty palettes that have "same pan size as MAC", so obviously they know that MAC is popular and trying to compete with them and build their customer base. I have seen many pros and cons on products from Coastal Scents and am hesitant to try them. I know I've seen a Walgreen's ad once that said, "if you love MAC or Dior, you'll love HIP" (or something like that) and decided to try it because it was cheaper than MAC. So who knows, maybe I'll try it and end up loving it. I like what I've seen from Coastal Scents so far, it's the brushes that make me think. But hey, it's a good price, so you're not losing much.

Christy!! Let's buy some stuff!


Anonymous said...

haha i sent you an email too...and then i saw this. i tagged you!

Anonymous said...

oh yeh and coastal scents actually charges by weight

Parinda Dangmeon said...

Try it. You will love it. I just got true black and indigo. I definitely will buy again.

Anna said...

Parinda: Hmm maybe I will. I've seen swatches and they look amazing! But I'm waiting till I make a big fat list of things to buy from coastal scents... I should buy soon because my MAC blacktrack fluidline is running out =O