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Saturday, July 12, 2008


I've been lagging. I'm sorry. The reason is because I don't like posting without having pictures, and I am wayy too lazy to upload them!! No, OK this is the real story. I usually upload my pictures onto my desktop computer, but usually my brother is on it. I have a laptop which is a Mac, and I don't have photo programs on it to edit and whatever. (or at least I don't know how or where to find it). So, the last time I posted, I had to attach a memory card reader to my Mac, upload the [huge] pics, and edit on photobucket, which too FOREVER and a day. That's why I've been lagging. I mean, I HAVE the pictures of some looks and other stuff, but I'm lazy to upload...=P

Things to look forward to: (because I already have the pics)
-An orange-y, bronze-y, black eotd
-A teal and blue/brown eotd
-Depotting MAC eyeshadows with heat
-An eotd using my Cargo: Oregon e/s duo

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