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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blue and Grey

Last night I was bored and decided to try out a look that I saw in a magazine. It was like a smokey eye but with blues and greys.

UDPP-as base
Avon Big color eye pencil in Night Glisten (a smooth shimmery e/s pencil) on lid-blended out with a concealer brush
MAC Silver Ring (dark grey) e/s on lid
MAC Krisp (light grey) e/s on inner 1/3
MAC Flashtrack (dark blue) e/s in crease
MAC Llama as highlight
+liner and mascara

I REALLY liked this look. Nornally I don't think I can pull off blue looks, but I think this was GORGEOUS!! Too bad I forgot my camera. I was so sad because I felt like I wasted my time in doing this look because I don't have a picture to show it. But o well, I'll do it again sometime.....HOPEFULLY!!


christy said...

i was pressing some eyeshadows today...and it was so much fun! haha

christy said...

at least the jar wasn't expensive haha.

yeh i want the jelly balms but i have a bunch of lip balm type things and they're not being used up and they never will be if i keep buying lip balms or glosses. i don't have a lot of lipstick tho...haha

i just bought 2 things at walmart yesterday and they were cheap and then i got a sample kit from joppa minerals. im trying not to buy anything big or make any big hauls. i wanna wait until like after i move and i'll see how much money i have left over.