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Monday, June 23, 2008


Wow! It's been a while since I've posted something in this heezy. Something actually worth something, ya know? Well, as of right now, I am in my I-hate-makeup phase. I do this every now and then. If I try something new and it doesn't turn out right, I say that I hate makeup. And well, I haven't really had the time to put anything on.

This weekend I went camping. I left early Friday morning, then came back around 1pm on Sunday. It was awesome! I still manage to put mascara and eyeliner on, but that was about it. And I STILL had to take it off when I swam because I was not about to have panda eyes. Makeup aside, it was so fun. We ate a lot, swam a lot, and talked a lot! "so, who has stories?" It was great.

I was at Ross and found E.L.F. Crazy huh? I only saw 2 products though. Not that I was really looking, but I saw the Expert Eyes kit for 4.99 and and e.l.f bath gel. I want to try the Expert eyes kit because it has their natural lashes and I've been wanting to try them.

I bought MAC's Blossoming Blushcreme and Tender Baby Tendertone.


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