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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hey there! Today is just a blabber blog. Enjoy hearing random bits of my life.

Today I started a new job. It was my first day. It's in retail and I haven't worked retail since '05 ( which was my VERY first job). Oh goodness, it was terrifying! But it was kinda cool because it's different to be NEW again. I have the chance to mess up and not get in trouble because I'm still learning. HA! It's awesome. But I was scared and messing up all over the place. It's weird being the one that has to ask for help, where in my previous job, I was the one to go to for help. Towards the end, I got the hang of it. I worked 5 hours and it went by sooo quickly. Well that was until I found a clock and began to count down the minutes til I was off. AND thhey made me stay 40 minutes over my scheduled time. I was kinda pissed. Because I had somewhere to be!

And that place was my brother's HS graduation! I got off about 30 minutes before, but still had to make posters for him! And after all that happened, when I began heading to the grad, my parents called and told me that thhey locked themselves out of the house and needed me home ASAP. I was stressing and going crazy! I finally got home and went to the graduation. Saw my brother graduate and it was great. Took a MILLION pictures of him and his friends and went home. Now he's headed to a boat cruise and I'm sitting at home, JEALOUS. I remember my boat cruise =)

As for my makeup, it was really toned down.

bareVitamins Skin Revver Upper
bareMinerals Medium Tan mixed with MAC Fix+
Avon Smooth Mineral Blush in Smooth Harmony
bareMinerals Warmth

MAC Bare Study
MAC Expensive Pink e/s-lid
MAC Soft Brown e/s-crease
MAC Embark-outer v
MAC Shroom e/s-highlight
Mabelline Unstoppable e/l in Onyx
CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara

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