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Monday, November 24, 2008

My CoastalScents.com shopping cart....

... as of right now. I can't really call this a wishlist, because it doesn't include eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, metal pans, etc. You get it right? Haha. As much as I would like those items, I don't really need them. I have a lot of makeup and I'll pass on those..for now. Haha.

Here goes my list:

Silica Powder Spheres $4.00
Gel Liners: Grape Vine $6.95
Gel Liners: True Black $6.95
Black Deluxe Shadow $2.49
Sable Blending Brush $2.90
Tapered Crease Eye Brush $2.49
Pink Round Crease Eye Brush $1.49

I'm being pretty cheap right now. But are there any other items that I must get?! Haha. I'm also kind of holding off, because I want a shopping code! I just saw one recently that was $10 of your purchase of $75, but I am not going to spend that much.. Haha. Anyone got one for free shipping? Eh? Haha.

See ya!

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