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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PLEASE don't sell out!

MAC's collection Manish Arora came out online today. Today is also the day that the eyeshadow palette sold out. OMG. I believe it comes on in stores on Thursday, but I won't have funds to buy it until a week a so. I am bummed! This one really caught my eye because of the packaging and the colors inside. I already have Deep Truth, but it such a better value to buy this palette of 6 colors for $38, than to buy each eyeshadow for $14.

Take a look at this!

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So colorful. I love it! I want it! Haha


christy said...

damn you're posting more than me now! haha good job

christy said...

everytime nessasarymakeup puts up avon lippie swatches, it makes them look sooo good! i guess avon makes good lipstick!