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Monday, October 13, 2008

Blah blah blah

OK. I am beginning to lag on the posts again, but what else is new? Haha. This past weekend I had some business to attend to and it took up all my time. Though, I was able to slip in that little blog about the nail polish. That was only because I had my laptop and camera with me.

I bought one thing at Ikea on Sunday. Well, one thing worth mentioning in my blog. It's because I'm going to put my lipsticks and lip glosses in it. They're cute and such a bargain You know how I just LOVE those! I'll add a picture later, or make another blog for it.

Anyways, here something to save you some money:
Walgreens is having a sale on L'Oreal or H.I.P Cosmetics. Buy One get one 50% off and also on Jane Products. Buy one, get one FREE! I'm looking forward to buying AND TRYING their jane Max Lash2 Mascara, Blackest Black. It has a primer and mascara, and maybe something good will come from it.

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