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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So I bought a few items that I'd like to post on here. Some yesterday and some today. I'm excited to post more pictures on here.

Also when I do face of the days (fotds), I want to start posting a picture of all the items used, brushes included. I think it just gives you more of a feel of what goes into the the process of putting makeup on.

I also want to branch out with what products are used. My face routine is usually the same, but maybe i'll change it up once in a while. There will probably be some days where I will only do the eyes. Right now, I am in total MAC mode. Where I want to use as much MAC as I can. BUT it makes me feel that I have to keep buying and buying more products to satisfy my needs. I have plenty of drugstore makeup that I love, that I should try to incorporate in my fotds again.

I would love suggestions, because I am always drawing a blank on what look I should do.


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Anonymous said...

HOW FUN! i'll add you to my blogroll!